Holy Saints

Our  program has a lot to offer…..intentional activities for primary ages, large and small groups for secondary grades, parent speakers, praise and worship, family resources, new prayer practice booklets, Confesstivals, Sacramental prep, etc!
Registration Link:  Click Below or Check out our website HolySaintsMN.ORG
Payment: I wasn’t able to set up electronic payment & didn’t want to delay registration getting out! $30 per student/ $90 family cap. Cash or checks written out to SMHOC can either be placed in a  labeled enveloped: Faith Formation in the offertory basket or brought to Faith Formation.
We are looking forward to the start of the year! Don’t miss the September dates below! Full calendar will be made public as soon as we get our Confirmation date!!! Plan on Faith Formation sessions 2x a month with some additional activity nights!
Wednesday, September 20th – Faith Formation 1st Gathering *All kids & parents* logistics & meet small groups, leaders, etc.  6:15 pm Start time! Meal Before 5:30 – 6:15 pm 
Sunday, September 24th: 7 – 12th Grade NET retreat after 10 am Mass at SW  (We want all our secondary students in Faith Formation to attend, 11th & 12th graders welcome to attend! This retreat experience does count towards this year’s Confirmation class requirement. 

Calendar will be made public once we have our Confirmation date! 

********************* Volunteer Information Below ******************************
Plan on twice a month Family Formation nights with some additional activities like the Saint Party, Confesstival, Living Stations,Confirmation specific classes to enhance our program. Another added bonus is we have Abby Thomas who has agreed to be our Worship leader, so we will have opportunities for that within our faith formation nights! 
Do you want to volunteer this year?  
Register to volunteer using this link: https://form.jotform.com/221778104550049 
Volunteer gathering: Wednesday, September 6th Christine Pinto from the Diocese is presenting on how we can foster our own spiritual gifts and those of our faith formation students. 7 – 8:30 pm at SMHOC.
Do you know you have a charism specifically given to you by the Holy Spirit? A  charism is a gift from God meant to build up the church, a talent or skill that supports the mission of the gospels and you come alive when you use it! 
Every single person has a charism. There are a variety of charisms but here’s a few; Administration, Encouragement, Evangelism, Extraordinary Faith, Giving, Helps, Hospitality, Intercessory Prayer, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Music, Pastoring, Service, Teaching, Wisdom, Writing!!
We are looking for leaders/helpers for our four rotations for primary ages! Each lead will do the same lesson *slightly varied due to age range* 4 times.

Primary Age Group Leaders: Do you know how to check students in and keep track of kids by counting? That’s the requirements for our group leaders. They will help guide their students from room to room, assisting in redirection or encouraging students to participate. 

Liturgical Living Room Helper: Do you know Catholics love to celebrate? Are you a party planner? Do you wish you had pinterest when your kids were younger because you would have celebrated ALL the Feasts days? Our Liturgical Living room is a way for kiddos to celebrate and learn about the different feasts, seasons and traditions of our faith!

Saint Room Leaders: Are you a story teller? Do you love acting? *not that it is a requirement* Our  hope is that our Saint room can be a place where children are captivated by the stories of their brothers and sisters Saints. It would be a total bonus to have a man & woman act out the Saint and make it interactive. Confirmed students in 11 & 12th grade can be leads!

Gospel Prep Room Helper: Do you love scripture or want to prepare your mind and heart for Sunday? Do you enjoy engaging with young minds who are full of curiosity? Do you like to help others feel empowered and confident? These short 15 minute weekend reading prep lessons come with the script, questions and answers to help students engage in scripture confidently!

KidCat *Catechism* Leader: Do you love pursuit of truth or knowledge? Do you like having concrete answers? In a world where there is so much confusion, you can aid in giving children TRUTH itself (Jesus) and answering the questions so many of them have.

Secondary Small Group Leaders: Do you want to make a positive influence in teens life? Do you want to be able to show up without any prep work? Our small group leaders get to journey along with teens while Kelli or another adult speaker lead the large group sessions.

Technology: Do you want to help ensure our Parent/Adult speakers get taped and uploaded? Do you have a good quality camcorder that could help us with that?

Prayer Partner: Do you want to spiritually support us this year? Will you pray before the Blessed Sacrament, or remember our program during Mass? Offer a rosary or chaplet for us? There’s not a set protocol but we would love to know you are praying for us!