Holy Saints

Holy Saints' Confirmation 2022

Our Holy Saints Area Catholic Community (ACC) had 39 Confirmands. Bishop Kettler, Father Matthew, Father Statz, and Father Erik celebrated the Mass. The Candidates received tangible advice from Bishop Kettler to foster their prayer life, be a faithful witness, and to continue to serve their communities. 

This celebration highlighted the beautiful collaboration amongst the 5 parishes. We had an ACC choir that was directed by Kathy Waletzko, Mary Neidermeier, and Melanie Pauls, along with sixteen choir members. We had representatives from all parishes helping with hospitality, altar serving, and other logistics. It was a beautiful sight to see over 300 people fill the St. Nicholas Parish. 

Confirmation is God’s gift to us, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and it points to the countless gifts and graces of God available to us for the rest of our lives, to help us and guide us always.

To see pictures of your loved ones on this special day, click the link below for pictures from confirmation mass.

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